Messages to the politicians

Mr President Obama, If you want to please the Republicans – switch parties and run as a republican, otherwise start doing what you said you would do. Corruption? you turned all the crooks from Alaska loose to do it to us again. War – still going and one added, not ended. Poverty? The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer – where is the fairness and equality?

To the dis-honorable congress members that want to steal what I, and my employers paid into social security to help me now and give me a pitance of a voucher! You call social security (that I invested in a “handout” – I call your charitable voucher pitance a handout! I don’t take handouts and will starve on your doorstep before I take a half pence of your pitance. The rest of what I think about your idea is not printable!

Looks like I have to find a cartoon character that fits the situation to vote for come 2012!

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Bullys and Exterminators

I am past fed up with the republicans telling me that I voted for them and demanded “no taxes”!  Anyone who did doesn’t live in the real world.  Where do they think the infrastructure comes from?  I guess they take great pleasure in bridges collapsing under traffic, but then it does fit in with their desire to exterminate anyone not rich enough to travel by private jet.

As bullys they are doing a great job – tell people what they have done (wether they did or didn’t), why they did it, and then shove it down your throat.

As exterminators, they are getting better all the time.  At the rate they are going soon anyone old enough for Social Security will be the first group to go, then the poor children with parents on welfare will go, next the disabled and the disabled veterans.

What the people who DO (I DID NOT NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THEY CLAIM “EVERYONE DID”) vote for and back this insanity don’t understand is that THEY will be the next “poor class” and need exterminating too, until these would be kings, have their little kingdoms with only enough people to support their needs, wait on them and fight wars to take from the kingdom on their kings borders.  The return of MERRY OL’ ENGLAND!

They wrap themselves in the flag (a desacration of it), claim sainthood, talk about how patriotic they are, how much they love America –  but while they are quick to drain every dime from every corner of it, they refuse to put any  back, either in jobs or taxes, though they  are quick to tax those with less than they have.  Take a look at your “grassrooters”, who born into luxury, have never done an hours work, always lived off the labor of others!  Grassroots my behind!  Spoiled rich brats each and every one of them!

Tea bag the teabaggers!  Send them back to party life!. rather than pay them outrages incomes to waste the time of people who want to get something done FOR the country instead of filling their own pockets with more easy money!  In two and a half years they have done nothing, unless it was to obstruct any progress for the people.

Anyone who loves this country is happy to be well off enough to be able to pay taxes and support the infrastructure, do what they can to help others to do well and see the country grow better every day!

As to their “saintlyness” they might consider reading their bibles, about the rich mans chances of getting into heaven, and how God considers what they do unto the rest of us.


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Tea baggers, Gorbchev, Using racists to bring down our government!

Sorry, but I don’t find the CNN’s excuse that this is what the people voted for (I certainly didn’t vote for any of these traitors) for there promise of lower taxes, what they voted for was their promise, along with Bohners, that they would get the black man out of the white house pronto!  Now when these rich boys that set them up to it stand to lose .10 cents they are all about lower taxes!  Face it people, that is the LATEST talk – up until now it has been removing Obama from office, preventing him from doing anything.

We should have cut their wages at the beginning for not doing the work that needed to be done, and working against the good of this country – time to stop and think of the goings on leading up to this, rather than their cover up excuses!  Anarchy is better than being ruled be these would be KINGS!!  Anyone backing these soap-opera actors deserves what we all will have to pay for.  Myself, I will NEVER recognize these traitors as my leaders and will start following their example and start taking what I want – FROM THEM!

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Reverend? Grover Norquist

This mans eyes are so full of hate, how can he possibly be a Reverend? The man has NO compassion for other human beings, his only interest is building his kingdom, I hope his loyal subjects enjoy their indenture to him. He claims his “tea party” won for no more taxes, he forgets that they also ran on getting the N out of the White House… That is what the racist were voting for. I should think he will lose a lot of his following as people see others dying off due to his non-sense, and watch their relatives dying, and they are unable to help them because they can barely make it themselves. Those of us to go first are the lucky ones, at least we won’t have to serve these would be ROYALists.

To bad Obama can’t get a spine and fight this evil rather than bending before it.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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My notes – Windows Live

Oct 18 2010

This will be my last post for awhile as I am giving up land line phone & internet service.  I am writing to let you know the ways of Ms. Palin.  Because I did not enjoy having to stand in line at the phone company while she berated and called for the killing of our president I have been being harassed through the phone companies.  I have had my service cut off, my hard drive corrupted  (I still don’t have computer working right), and to get land line through the other company the cheapest I can get is $50. a month for a line coming to the house – $1 per call + 13 cents a minute if I use the phone.  All this because I accepted their cutting me off – told them to keep their service, and NO, I did not care to see their representative, apologize to Sarah and pay a huge price to be re-connected again.

I just want you to know what you are in for if you elect to believe her lies, her “folksiness” is fake!  She and her cohorts will be diabolical dictators.  We all will suffer for your trust in her.


My notes – Windows Live

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