Tangled webs

I wonder who it is that Romney and Ryan think they are making out to be horses bbehinds. They blatantly lie as to what Obama has said and done, make expansive progressive promises that are the exact opposite of what they have been extolling for over a year now. Do they think that no one has been listening? I watch politics all day everyday except for weekends (and when the shows are interupted with games of some sort) and hear them over and over until I almost know them verbatin myself!
Ryan claims (now) to be so non-partisan, I would like him to show me even one item that he even “considered” that wasn’t republican – the last four years have been nothing but obstruction, now he wants to do something for us? Why? Because HE and Romney know how to lead!!! And because they are – the entire country is going to get behind him and follow like the sheeple he thinks we are!
Mr. Ryan & Romney – neither of you could lead me to water if I were dying of thirst!, nor would I drink it if you had been within a hundred miles of the pump I was by!
Karma babies! All the hate you have spewed at Obama for four years will come home to roost on your doorstep! I am NOT the ONLY one who has been listening and paying attention! If you get in I hope the Dems decide to act the mules that are supposed to represent them and you get a tripple dose of the medicine you have been dishing out for the last four years. I’d stake my life that your money as well as the theiving koch brothers has been paying all of congress to be treasonous to this country!


About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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