1. Who let screeching Memechelle out of her padded cell, why, and how much is she paid for her insane distractions!

2. If maybe Robn’me hasn’t been betting agaist American dollars to make his wealth, and weaken the country for an easy take over. If his idea of a smaller government isn’t a KINGDOM. If some of his bundlers are foreign entities.

3.Why congress is working together to make themselves dispensable by doing NOTHING for four years.

4. What money supports the “Alter Government”, “United American Republic” (or some such). Koch and his tea-baggers?, they are the only “Alter Government” in the White House”. Anyone remember Gorbachev’s “We will take you over from within” warning to Reagan?

5. If “Prophet” sending out e-mails of impending doom – advising to invest in foreign currency isn’t a Robn’me shill.


About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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