Congress robs the American Public

Just who do they think they are, wasting an entire time in Washington debating ONE bill and then taking off for vacation with issues and bills that they have purposely been avoiding with their delaying tactics – without closing the session so they can be getting double pay – and coming back in time to start debating the same issue all over again.  Meanwhile we have planes colliding in the air, six dead in the collision here in Alaska, because they won’t work on getting the air traffic controlers back on the job – not to mention the billion dollars it will cost us in revenues that would help to pay the deficit they supposedly are so worried about!

Do they think we are too stupid to see that it is their blind hatred of having a black man in the office of the president that prompts their actions?  Why are they even in office if they are unable to control their emotions and do the work they said they wanted to do?  Why can’t we fire them when they become a law unto themselves and consider themselves answerable to NO ONE but themselves?  I never had a job where I could tell the boss where to shove it, keep my job – go on vacation and collect double pay as a reward for my bad actions!

Am I the only one who feels robbed, and stabbed in the back?  How can anyone call this “representation”, or “working for the people”!  When they are running they just want to be “public servants” and “serve the people”!  I think they have just served us and the country a cyanide koolaid drink!  Surely there is a way to fire the whole lot of them before an election!


About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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