Bullys and Exterminators

I am past fed up with the republicans telling me that I voted for them and demanded “no taxes”!  Anyone who did doesn’t live in the real world.  Where do they think the infrastructure comes from?  I guess they take great pleasure in bridges collapsing under traffic, but then it does fit in with their desire to exterminate anyone not rich enough to travel by private jet.

As bullys they are doing a great job – tell people what they have done (wether they did or didn’t), why they did it, and then shove it down your throat.

As exterminators, they are getting better all the time.  At the rate they are going soon anyone old enough for Social Security will be the first group to go, then the poor children with parents on welfare will go, next the disabled and the disabled veterans.

What the people who DO (I DID NOT NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THEY CLAIM “EVERYONE DID”) vote for and back this insanity don’t understand is that THEY will be the next “poor class” and need exterminating too, until these would be kings, have their little kingdoms with only enough people to support their needs, wait on them and fight wars to take from the kingdom on their kings borders.  The return of MERRY OL’ ENGLAND!

They wrap themselves in the flag (a desacration of it), claim sainthood, talk about how patriotic they are, how much they love America –  but while they are quick to drain every dime from every corner of it, they refuse to put any  back, either in jobs or taxes, though they  are quick to tax those with less than they have.  Take a look at your “grassrooters”, who born into luxury, have never done an hours work, always lived off the labor of others!  Grassroots my behind!  Spoiled rich brats each and every one of them!

Tea bag the teabaggers!  Send them back to party life!. rather than pay them outrages incomes to waste the time of people who want to get something done FOR the country instead of filling their own pockets with more easy money!  In two and a half years they have done nothing, unless it was to obstruct any progress for the people.

Anyone who loves this country is happy to be well off enough to be able to pay taxes and support the infrastructure, do what they can to help others to do well and see the country grow better every day!

As to their “saintlyness” they might consider reading their bibles, about the rich mans chances of getting into heaven, and how God considers what they do unto the rest of us.



About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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