Reverend? Grover Norquist

This mans eyes are so full of hate, how can he possibly be a Reverend? The man has NO compassion for other human beings, his only interest is building his kingdom, I hope his loyal subjects enjoy their indenture to him. He claims his “tea party” won for no more taxes, he forgets that they also ran on getting the N out of the White House… That is what the racist were voting for. I should think he will lose a lot of his following as people see others dying off due to his non-sense, and watch their relatives dying, and they are unable to help them because they can barely make it themselves. Those of us to go first are the lucky ones, at least we won’t have to serve these would be ROYALists.

To bad Obama can’t get a spine and fight this evil rather than bending before it.


About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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