My notes – Windows Live

Oct 18 2010

This will be my last post for awhile as I am giving up land line phone & internet service.  I am writing to let you know the ways of Ms. Palin.  Because I did not enjoy having to stand in line at the phone company while she berated and called for the killing of our president I have been being harassed through the phone companies.  I have had my service cut off, my hard drive corrupted  (I still don’t have computer working right), and to get land line through the other company the cheapest I can get is $50. a month for a line coming to the house – $1 per call + 13 cents a minute if I use the phone.  All this because I accepted their cutting me off – told them to keep their service, and NO, I did not care to see their representative, apologize to Sarah and pay a huge price to be re-connected again.

I just want you to know what you are in for if you elect to believe her lies, her “folksiness” is fake!  She and her cohorts will be diabolical dictators.  We all will suffer for your trust in her.


My notes – Windows Live


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Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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