“Obama Care” and the Republican ruse

"The Federal Government has never mandated that the people buy something", is the resounding cry from the republicans.  Excuse me, what is the mandatory car insurance, you mean to tell me that is unconstitutional?  That was pushed through by Ronald Reagan, along with seat belts in all cars, with a law that ALL people MUST be belted down to a death sentence in the event of an accident. 
I do not like the bill that is going through either – now that it has been hijacked by the republicans (who I feel are secretly delighted to have forced the democrats to force their form of the bill through) and turned it into something that will make their donors , in insurance companies, even richer so that they can reward them even more.  They aren’t satisfied to have gotten it from a "single payer" plan – like they enjoy in their jobs (I guess socialism is good for them), but now they want to demand the death sentence for a woman getting an aborthion.  I feel that if they make that a law, the next one should be that any man sticking his instrument where it don’t belong has it promptly cut off!!!!!
Now they want laws that the salt shakers must be removed from tables in public eating places.  When will this stop?  When we rid ourselves of these "I know what is best for you" republicans.  Watch the Malitia’s that they are building up!  They are warning us that there is a "take over" of our government – and it is they who are doing it.  This farce of not wanting the plan they have demanded that gives everything to the insurance companies and breaks the back of the working people is a repetition of acts in the past.  Wake up, before it is to late!

About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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