World gone mad

In the news:  Porn star elected to senate by republicans, American ineptness in Haitian disaster, Guantanamo murder cover-ups, Rigged elections
Republican victory:  Their election of a porn star, and sex offender hardly seems to be a victory for America to me.  It does bring to mind the warning from revelations ,  "Come out of her my people."  They have cut off our noses to spite our faces in my opinion.  Their claim that independents are turning from Obama is a bit off, in my opinion (being an independent), they think that if they can spew their lies people will fall in line behind them.  I doubt that we all fall into one category, but my reasons for disaffection with Obama is his following in Bush’s tracks.  Disappointment that Bush has not been investigated for the instigation to start the Iraqi war, and double hung (like Bush did  to  Saddam), also, Rove, Chenney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld.  Giving away the Medical Reform he promised to the republicans and letting them make a freaking joke out of it.  These are my reasons for disaffection with him, also the reasons of many of my friends. 
Haitian Disaster:  Are we trying for an emmy in ineptness?  They could have let people who wanted to help go and just let them off a plane to do what they could and the Haitians would have gotten 100 times the help.  Are all Americans such sissies that they need protection from victims?  It makes me ashamed to be an american.  To go, lock themselves up safely in the airport, prevent people who wanted to and would provide help and relief is worse than idiotic, it is inhumane and a sin.  In this Obama is again following the pattern of Bush.  Handing out food with guns on the victims is embarassing, in my opinion, not to mention cowardly.
Guantanamo:  Again, covering up for Bush and his gang of murderers.  Another reason for my disapproval of Obama now.
Elections:  I will never vote again, it is quite apparent that the polls are rigged.  Every election over the past 10 years has been polled to the exact ratio.  It starts at the first votes coming in, and continues all the way through, and ends with the exact same number ratio predicted by the pollsters.  How do they know who exactly will get out to vote, some of us change our minds in the booth.  Some of us don’t make it to the poll, and none of us are ever polled!  I may be slow, but I am not totally stupid.

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Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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