Talking about Cowardice




Looks like President Obama is going to cave to the republicans, and abandon all the people who voted for him.  This is a shame, regarding Health Insurance.  I know that I will never ever vote for a republican again, this knifing in the back will last me a lifetime. 


The abortion issue they are using now is such a crock.  I thought that they were for individual responsibility and wanted to keep government out of our lives.  Voting for him were people from all parties, including the republicans, who shared his views and wanted a chance to share the good fortune of our elected Federal officials get in their lives, and we pay for.  It sure looks like that is just more of their hypocracy!  Have to wear seatbelts – republican law, mandatory car insurance – republican law, smoking laws – republican law, and they are hell bent to decide for people whether or not they want children.  They do however favor Mandatory Health Insurance laws – like the car insurance was supposed to,  it will lower cost!, think people, when car insurance became law the cost went up 300% overnight.  Until that time I always had insurance, since then I have never been able to afford it.  I have to make sure that none of the republicans that can afford it, don’t hit me, if I have to take the ditch to make sure they don’t.  Don’t they watch the news, young  women are killing their babies, starving them to death, or giving them to people who will get rid of the child in one way or another.  This is a life to be born into?  People know what they want, and can cope with, etc., better than the republican party.


They don’t want  one penny of their money to go for abortion!  Wow!, Well I don’t want one penny of my money to go for their cancer treatment either!  I walked miles collecting money for them for years, did their walks and all that good stuff.  My mother had cancer, did they help?, HELL NO!, not so much as a get well card, they had to have all the money collected to stab the people who donated in the back using it to lobby for the no smoking laws!!  Then think of the payments to their "volunteer" Honorary Chairmens, Mrs. Sen. Dole was getting one hundred thousand a month way back when.  I don’t even know if that is nation wide or state wide as Mrs. Murkowski was the last I heard of.  Don’t make sense that they would have to go all the way to Alaska to get a Chairman.


What I would like to know is how the election system has gotten so messed up that no matter what we vote for, all we get is the same-o, same-o, over and over again.  I am beginning to think my  best votes have been my objection votes, when I voted for Mickey Mouse, Goofy and the likes to let them know they were not running anyone that I could vote for and live with myself afterward.


I am becoming disappointed in President Obama, in that he is allowing the republicans to retain and promote their unfair policies.  I am already disappointed that he hasn’t ended the wars, and put  Bush, Rove, Chenney, Ashcroft, and Rumsfield behind bars to be executed the way they did to so many Iraqi for no reason at all.  If the man has any spine at all, I hope he finds it soon – before it is to late.

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