Are we scared yet?  Now President Obama is "indoctrinating" our children because a teacher had her class sing a song about him.  Never mind a class sang a song FOR former President Bush about him and FEMA (which failed miserably under his watch).
When Reagan was president, Pat Buchanan, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity were screaming at us that we should get on board for the New World Order and Cap and Trade or the world would come to a screaming halt.  We needed to control what all the other countries had and did, now they scream that having it will end the world and the rest of the world will be telling us what to do.
President Bush spent eight years trying to tell us that HE was keeping us safe!  I guess telling us to seal ourselves off in a room with plastic and duct tape while telling us the terrorist were right around the corner, to scare us into submission for his war on Sadam, and his ignoring New Orleans for a week before acknowledging that they were in need of help was really helpful.  I neglected to seal myself in as I figured death by the enemy might be more merciful than suffoctating myself in an airless room.
Seems to me the republicans are good at one thing and one thing only – failed attempts to scare the bejeezus out of the population.  I know I will never, ever, vote for another fearmonger again.

About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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