Great American Loss


Quote Yesterday evening America lost a great champion for the largest population of the country, the poor, with the death of Senator Edward Moore Kennedy.  I only hope that his death will get Obama to get back on track and get the health care for all passed, with the public option still in it.  This election was the first I ever broke down and voted for a democrat even though I have considered myself an independent since Eisenhower.  I was born a republican (so I was told daily as a child, I may have been branded 😉 ), but could no longer associate myself with them when they started with the likes of Nixon, Reagan and the bush bunch.  This was the first election that I ever even listened to the speeches, volunteered time to a campaign, demonstrated or gave so much as a dime to.  They try to say that people are falling away from Obama for trying to get his promises through.  I am here to tell you that the falling away comes from his trying to appease our tormentors – the republicans.  It is time for him to tell them if you want to be the party of NO – go ahead, we will go on without you! They have done nothing FOR the people (only TO the people for  over a half a centruy now, we owe them no great respect or consideration.  They proudly announce how proud they are to be right wing extremist, terrorists, and only want to disrupt any good that can be done for the majority of the people.  They believe in minority rule – The RICH!!


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Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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