Health Care Reform discussions

  CNN must think that the people are really too stupid.  For their panel they have on Tommy Thompson and Senator Frist (who runs Health South where if you smoke they tell you they have something that could fix a problem you are having, but because you smoke, you don’t deserve help) to inform us that the health care reform is bad for the country. 

Tommy Thompson, while Governor of Wisconsin, actively tried to eliminate the poor.  Elderly that had no desire to go to homes were forced into them, they were poorly run – the stench of urine was over powering as you entered the doors.  Food stamps were continuosly lowered for welfare families, which in my opinion is not a way to show your concern for the health of the recipients. 

The republicans cry about having government intruding on their lives when the democrats are in, but when they are in they really intrude in our lives.  The stupid seat belt laws, mandatory insurance (which was to lower the costs but increased it by 300%), laws prohibiting smoking and promoting discrimination against smokers – not only in the work place, but in all of public life.  Telling women they MUST die in childbirth if it is a choice of one or the other, even if the child will not be healthy or able to care for itself.  Seems their motto of "right to life" pretains only to the unborn.  They certainly do believe in guns and killing – even promoting the murder of doctors that don’t bow down to their almighty superior judgement. 

I find it hard to believe that the American people fall for their garbage.  We used to be taught to think things through.  Their idea of freedom if for the shysters among us are given free rein to rape us.  The insurance companies are only interested in making money for themselves and their CEO’s,  if they want to make a segment of society discriminated against, these people are the ones who should be castigated.

Oh, be sure to remember that you are safer underwater if you keep your seatbelt on.  I gather that means it is against the law to unbuckle until the person trying to retrieve you unfastens it for you!  Another republican law.

In case you think I was born and raised a democrat, guess again.  I was born in Wisconsin where it was so republican that I never met a democrat until I was eighteen and moved to Chicago.  I was reminded daily, at home, at school, at church – "remember you are a republican".  Obama is the first democrat that I have ever voted for having voted for independents (Ross Perot) or Mickey Mouse, and Goofy since Eisenhower.  They have not had one human being that they have run since him.  I wouldn’t have let Nixon, Reagan, or the bushes walk my dog around the block or left my cats alone in a roon with anyone of them.  And now they give us Newt Gingrich, (again) Palin, Romney, and Jebby baby! Not one among them you could trust half as far as you could throw them.  Wake up America!!





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Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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