Reasons to become a republican

 To be reassured that everybody will be a gun carrying citizen.

It will be patriotic to shoot at least one person each day, giving you the opportunity to use your gun.  This will ensure that the morticians are kept busy and may possibly hire help.  Right to life laws apply only to the unborn or the those who are comatose, helping the hospitals make easy bucks.  The former will also help to relieve the over population problem.

You will be told what to do and not to do by those who are doing what they tell you not to do, and not doing what they tell you, you must!  You will be told what to eat and when to eat it, and so on.

You will get to work hard for the rich for a pitance.

You will never have a need to check facts, lies are regarded as more reliable than facts or truth.

You can do anything you want and still be assured of going to heaven, God knows all republicans are good church going christians that fight to sit front row center every Sunday and are therefore entitled to a top position in heaven.  Just think – He won’t have to rule anymore, the pubs will just take it over for him  NICE!

I wonder what they will do with their guns in heaven.  If it is a perfect place there should be no need for them.  I doubt they will be very happy there.


About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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