Health Care Reform

So, I hear now that we have the best medical system on the planet and the longest life expectancy on it too.  Also the claim is that we are living longer than ever now.  All of these claims are out and out lies.  Actually we rank 39th in medical care, Asians have longer life spans than we do, and if life experience counts for anything, I would say that our life expectancy has shortened by about 50 years.  They like to tell us how life expectancy was in the 30’s during the 1980’s, but they fail to mention that this was due to the number of guns, gunslingers and short tempers.  The people who avoided these vices most likely would live to well past 100.  In my family alone, I can remember at least 10 great aunts and uncles that I knew, and there were two that I never met that lived past 100.  The oldest lived to 111.  There were many other people living in the neighborhood who lived past 100, the last one dying in 1980, since then I have not had contact with anyone that has lived a century. nor to I expect to make my mid-eighties.
It is the republicans that are spreading these falsehoods to cover for their benefactors, the insurance companies, medical profession, pharmacuticals and the food industry corporations.  The insurance companies keep us working 2 and more jobs to make their CEO’s obscenly fat, the doctors and hospitals are raping us and the food industry in ruining our health with the products they sell at inflated prices.
In 1960 and throughout the decade I paid .25 cents a week and my employer matched it for Etna health insurance.  It paid 80 percent of all costs – doctor, hospital and drugs.  Now, insurance costs are over a thousand a month for the employees part, has a huge deductable that the insured must pay before the insurance kicks in and then they only pay this much for this and that much for that and so on.   Having a baby in 1960 cost $400. and that was with the required 3 day stay at that time, now for use of a "labor room" and a medical professional, immediate release upon delivering, it is my understanding that the cost is in the thousands of dollars.
With everyone backing the republicans as they help these corporations rape us, I can only assume that the most of the people are enjoying the ride to the hilt.  Myself, I liked the America that was, a whole lot better than this totalatarianism the republicans have brought in, and are fighting so hard to hold on to now that there is a chance we can get back to freedom for all, rather than only for the rich.  Keep it up folks, we will be the merry old england that our forefathers left to escape being surfs with no life but to serve the master.  I hope you and your kids enjoy it as much as you think you willl.  You might keep in mind there is only room for so many kings, the rest have to be surfs.
Just my thoughts for the day as I watch the charlatons pulling the wool over the eyes of people who don’t, won’t, or can’t think!

About msueeck

Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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