Advice to Republicans barking up the wrong tree

First it was ‘scare the rich’, they will make you support the world with your meager billions.  Even rich republicans knew there was no way they could possibly go broke, so they gave up on that tactic.  They have tried the old song of how anyone not agreeing with them is un-american, but george bush had sang that song until it no longer has any effect.  Now, we are going back to the 70’s and the old song that seniors will be put to death because they are no longer useful and are taking up space.   The cry is a bit different – now it is because the government is NAZI!!  My, my, talk about wild talk and panic attacks.  Thirty years later and they are replaying the same old songs to a different tune.  I don’t know wether I want to laugh or cry!, so I will settle for giving them some hints that might work – at least they would at least get my attention, rather than my disgust.
I would think they would attack where we are disappointed in Obama – For me, a big one is that bush’s bones have not been picked clean by the birds while hanging in Times Square, New York.  Then there are rove, ashcroft, chenney and rumsfield that should be in prison or on death row!  Why not start a stink about these things and look for support to get him on the move to get these things done.  I will be among the first to sign up and volunteer to do anything I can to help.  I am sure this would be easy for them, radicals that they are – and it sure should bring them noteriety and get them in the news every bit as much as the insane ramblings of limbaugh, beck and dobbs, not to mention those of their new star – sarah!!  They all have one flaw – they all think the nation is so stupid that we will be so blinded by their beauty, noteriety and the fame of their fathers that we will not even stop to think for ourselves, and will get caught up in their lies and follow them like lemmings.   They are so full of themselves that they cannot see the forest for the trees.
Or, they could take the advice they gave to anyone who disagreed with their maurading leader – you lost, get over it and try again in four years!  They will need to regain their sanity to do that (or at least watch their speech and remove the panic and desperation that is driving it now).

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Back in Wisconsin after living in Alaska for 20 years.
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