And the drama increases while they complete their plans for the demise of the vulnerable

Wow!  We get another day of being told by the media – what we are thinking and feeling!  Only problem is, I do NOT think or feel they way they say I do, on even one single item.  I guess that is why they can’t announce the plan they have had since the beginning of this, until they convince us how much we agree with the Radical Communist Teabagging Terminator Regime.  Those of us who think for ourselves are holding up the train!

Face it, we all know the outcome – the commie teabaggers get 100% of what they want.  The weak and vulnerable will be exterminated, the middle class becomes the dependent class, next to be exterminated – until they get the “vulnerable” down to a number where they all will have positions as servants and maids – working for crumbs left on their plates and a place to sleep!

They say the president has scared me! Ha!  They think I don’t know it was when I was listening to them cite their plans for America that my heart sank into my feet.  Like with all the other lies they like to tell me about what I think and feel – I KNOW where the thoughts and feelings came from – directly from their threats to the American people.  And I hate to disappoint them, I am NOT SCARED, I am MAD AS HELL – AT THEM!

Unless Wall Street, Banks, the Corporations, the Coch (Crotch) brothers and Rupert Murdock are the grassroots of Ameria, the Teabaggers are NOT even retlated to the grassroots in any way, shape or form.  They are now making a fortune on the sell off on Wall Street!  Maybe they will go home to count their profits, and give distroying our country a bit of a break.  Not a one of them could give the definition of the word “work” if asked to.

As to this “smaller government” they claim to propose – now they are forming a “super congress”, and building “super committies”,  sounds more like “enlarging government” to me.  And to make it all worse, Obama trots their ideas out like they are just the greatest thing since milk duds!  I am beginning to wonder if he isn’t one of them in sheeps clothing.  He certainly has seen to it that they get 100% of what they want when they were only going for 80%.  But, it is so good for the country and I will be dumb enough to come around to seeing it!  Dream on!

I am wondering if the Chinese perfer white meat or dark meat?  Hope they don’t like it so long as it is meat or their won’t be any of us left when they can’t pay their debts after filling their pockets with the money they steal from the so called “entitlements” (paid for), and have no “revenues” (taxes) coming in.  China will be coming to collect the collatoral – us, and our country!  Personally, I hope they have a craving for the meat raised in the south, where the traitors came form, maybe the rest of us can escape while they gorge themselves on them.

I think I would rather have had the default than to have been stuck in the back by people claiming to represent me – drawing lucrative wages (for over six months) to put on a drama show to prove to me how hard they worked for me.

This is NOT the America I was born into!


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In 1996 I was working at a job obtained through a Senior Advocacy group.  When Bush came in he took the contract from them and gave it to a group from Texas called “Lone Star”.  For the transition we had to attend a meeting where we would be given the new rules and regulations.  We were informed of who we could talk to, where and when and what we could talk about.  Talking about politics to anyone was forbidden.  I walked out of the meeting early, went back to the office, picked up my belongings and left a notice of immediate resignation.  Then I got a paper and found a job to start the next day before going home.

To me, I was trading my rights for a job.  Please think long and hard before giving up your vote for a job.  Such a job, in my opinion, can only be called SERFDOM!

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Tangled webs

I wonder who it is that Romney and Ryan think they are making out to be horses bbehinds. They blatantly lie as to what Obama has said and done, make expansive progressive promises that are the exact opposite of what they have been extolling for over a year now. Do they think that no one has been listening? I watch politics all day everyday except for weekends (and when the shows are interupted with games of some sort) and hear them over and over until I almost know them verbatin myself!
Ryan claims (now) to be so non-partisan, I would like him to show me even one item that he even “considered” that wasn’t republican – the last four years have been nothing but obstruction, now he wants to do something for us? Why? Because HE and Romney know how to lead!!! And because they are – the entire country is going to get behind him and follow like the sheeple he thinks we are!
Mr. Ryan & Romney – neither of you could lead me to water if I were dying of thirst!, nor would I drink it if you had been within a hundred miles of the pump I was by!
Karma babies! All the hate you have spewed at Obama for four years will come home to roost on your doorstep! I am NOT the ONLY one who has been listening and paying attention! If you get in I hope the Dems decide to act the mules that are supposed to represent them and you get a tripple dose of the medicine you have been dishing out for the last four years. I’d stake my life that your money as well as the theiving koch brothers has been paying all of congress to be treasonous to this country!

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1. Who let screeching Memechelle out of her padded cell, why, and how much is she paid for her insane distractions!

2. If maybe Robn’me hasn’t been betting agaist American dollars to make his wealth, and weaken the country for an easy take over. If his idea of a smaller government isn’t a KINGDOM. If some of his bundlers are foreign entities.

3.Why congress is working together to make themselves dispensable by doing NOTHING for four years.

4. What money supports the “Alter Government”, “United American Republic” (or some such). Koch and his tea-baggers?, they are the only “Alter Government” in the White House”. Anyone remember Gorbachev’s “We will take you over from within” warning to Reagan?

5. If “Prophet” sending out e-mails of impending doom – advising to invest in foreign currency isn’t a Robn’me shill.

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Wasted Money

All this money being spent to influence our vote.  Don’t they realize their ads have little effect (at least mine) on how we vote.  Watching them, their actions, listening carefully to their words – are they empty rhetoric or do they tell me something – amd the debates is where I form my opinions.  This waste of billions could feed children and provide help to those who need it.  Time to turn off the tv.  Worst thing is, is when this is over it will start all over again for the 2016 election!!  Something needs to be done to stop this insanity.

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Congress robs the American Public

Just who do they think they are, wasting an entire time in Washington debating ONE bill and then taking off for vacation with issues and bills that they have purposely been avoiding with their delaying tactics – without closing the session so they can be getting double pay – and coming back in time to start debating the same issue all over again.  Meanwhile we have planes colliding in the air, six dead in the collision here in Alaska, because they won’t work on getting the air traffic controlers back on the job – not to mention the billion dollars it will cost us in revenues that would help to pay the deficit they supposedly are so worried about!

Do they think we are too stupid to see that it is their blind hatred of having a black man in the office of the president that prompts their actions?  Why are they even in office if they are unable to control their emotions and do the work they said they wanted to do?  Why can’t we fire them when they become a law unto themselves and consider themselves answerable to NO ONE but themselves?  I never had a job where I could tell the boss where to shove it, keep my job – go on vacation and collect double pay as a reward for my bad actions!

Am I the only one who feels robbed, and stabbed in the back?  How can anyone call this “representation”, or “working for the people”!  When they are running they just want to be “public servants” and “serve the people”!  I think they have just served us and the country a cyanide koolaid drink!  Surely there is a way to fire the whole lot of them before an election!

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The KINGS from Gorbachev’s communisum feeling their power

After 73 years of disdain for guns, killing and wars, I realize it is time to use a portion of my check to get an AK (whatever it is) to defend myself and my country against this communist take over now in progress! It appears that if America is to survive, Americans will have to take up arms for a second civil war or we will be serving the KINGS of Europe all over again, bowing to them and their various versions of false gods. I, for one, will NOT!

Sixty years ago my grandfather was trying to tell us kids we had to be vigilant in our voting or they would be back to take over. The way it would be done, (is exactly what he described) is what is happening today.

My forefathers came over on the Mayflower, survived the early hardships, fought England to be free of them, fought a civil war hoping that we would be a land of opportunity for ALL people. If I have to, I will die fighting these interlopers hoping to perserve freedom for others.

I fail to see how any American can fall for these so called “grass root” spoiled rich brats lies. The biggest trauma they have had in life was the loss of their first tooth! Already rich by daddy, they are enriching themselves serving Murdock and the Coch brothers. If they win, I hope all who helped to raise their status above all others enjoy their servitude to these monsters.

As for me, I was born free, and I will die free – even if it is early and having to fight to get there. I will NEVER be a slave, nor help allow them to enslave others.

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